Yardvana Designs Process
Typical Design/Install Process
A Yardvana Designs representative will meet with you free to discuss your needs and desires.
If a design is required, we will tell you the cost of the design at this meeting.  Payment for a design includes a design, plant information and pictures and 2 hours of
consultation.  If a design is not required and consultation is what is desired, an hourly rate will be given.  Yardvana Designs will give estimates for work to be done
but it is given in a range and only formalized if you wish to move forward.
Yardvana Designs asks for a 50% deposit on all work to be done up front.  We will also give an estimate of when design work will be accomplished and the next
meeting should occur.
On next meeting with you, you will be presented with design, plant package and estimate range for Yardvana Designs to have the design installed.  Yardvana
Designs will give estimates without a design but it is given as a range and only formalized if you wish to move forward.
If you like the design and want to keep it and the plant package, the remaining 50% price on the design is collected.
If customer wants Yardvana Designs to install the design, 50% of the install price is required before installation starts, and the remainder is due upon completion of
installation.  (Note:  For jobs that cover more than 2 weeks of work, a payment schedule will be defined rather than the 50% down and 50% upon completion)